There’s something about the color of a woman’s hair that is so telling about her personality. Blondes are linked to the bombshells of yesteryear like our Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield or Anna Nicole Smith. Brunettes are most likely the most level-headed women you’ve ever been with, and redheads have a fiery passion that at times is difficult to pinpoint.

There’s science behind the attraction we have for women of all hair colors, too. Say, for instance, the study that debunked the myth that “gentlemen prefer blondes” from Florida State University. Their research proved that women with long brown hair were the most attractive, especially to millionaires. “At least in our study, gentlemen do not prefer blondes. They prefer brunettes,” said Dr. Kelley Kline, who was equally surprised by the results. “It’s kind of an interesting finding, considering that in our society we concentrate on the blonde. It’s so pervasive.”

That said, men are more likely to introduce themselves to a blonde at a bar, even though redheads are most likely to be promiscuous.

Check out our gallery below for some of our favorite blondes, brunettes and redheads and corresponding facts on how hair color can alter our sexual preferences. The answers will surprise you! {“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“13900”,“size”:“large”,“alignment”:“right”}1) Cybergirl of the Year Jennifer Vaughn 2) Cybergirl Addison Miller 3) Cybergirls Susan Weiss & Jackie Marie 4) Cybergirl Mosh 5) Cybergirl Cassie Laine 6) Playmate Colleen Farrington 7) Playmate Carrie Jean Yazel