If your woman seems to be unfulfilled with their sex lives, there may be one more reason they should be hitting the gym. A researcher at Indiana University took it upon themselves to study a phenomenon known as “coregasms” the sensation of exercise induced orgasms that occur to some women. While to some the thought of this may sound like a dream, almost half of the women who took part in the research said that having uncontrollable orgasms in public isn’t as great as it sounds. About 40% of women who took part in the survey said they had experienced either exercise-induced orgasms or exercise-induced sexual pleasure more than ten times.

If you want to hybrid your wife’s gym time and your pre-coitus foreplay, 51.4% of the women said their coregasm’s happened during or after abdominal exercise, 26.5% endorsed weightlifting, 20% credited yoga, 15.8% said bike riding, 13.2% certified running and 9.6% said walking or hiking.

So guys, if you can’t seem to get her off in the sack, why not hit the gym together to do a few crunches.