Well, today is the day the nation decides who will be the president of the United States of America. Over at Cracked.com, the editors have not only been tallying how many of their readers are Democrats or Republicans by state but are also polling on other political issues that matter, like who’s the better superhero, Batman or Superman? Who’s the better wrestler, Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan?

According to nearly 12,000 votes from the Cracked audience (predominantly male, 18-34), people who are more likely to have sex with the lights on are voting for four more years of Obama.

Up for a little role-play but not sure who to channel? Depending on whom your partner is voting for, you should be suiting up as Han Solo if she’s a Republican or as Captain Kirk if she’s rooting for the Democrats.

Check out the current standings for Florida below, and head on over to Cracked.com to see the rest of the states’ results.

And whatever you do, don’t forget to vote!