Up in Smoke: Experimental Affairs

By Playboy.com Staff


Science that has to do with sex is so thrilling, isn’t it? We love knowing all of these unusual facts about what makes us tick as humans, but there are some studies that come to such just plain obvious conclusions we wonder why they were conducted in the first place. We suppose it’s interesting to see the theories backed up by numbers! According to a survey by the University of Texas, one psychology teacher concluded that men are twice as likely to forgive an act of infidelity if it was between their girlfriend and another female. Kind of kinkily obvious, right?

Of about 700 college students surveyed, men had a 50 percent likelihood of continuing the relationship if it was between two females. But when it came to the hypothetical thought of their girl sneaking around with another man, only 22 percent said they would stay by her side.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, men, for being so open-minded because when it came to women answering the question, only 28 percent of them would continue to date their man if he were sleeping with another woman, and when it came to sleeping with another man? A whopping 78 percent said they would kick their man to the curb.

Maybe it’s the fact that most of us spend our college years experimenting with the opposite sex so the act seems more forgivable, or possibly it’s just really sexy to think of your woman kissing her hot sorority sister; college men are some of the most open-minded guys around.


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