Fantasizing is a major player in the bedroom, whether it’s with a partner or time spent by yourself. Without fantasies, your imagination couldn’t run wild with the thoughts of caressing one of our gorgeous centerfolds you had taped to the side of your bunk in college; without fantasies, your girlfriend wouldn’t have ever thrown on that sexy schoolgirl uniform on your anniversary to bring you breakfast in bed at 12 in the afternoon.

Despite the fact that your own imagination may not have wavered much throughout the years, what women are thinking and dreaming of is practically opposite to male fantasies.

While men tend to be more visual creatures, concentrating on body parts, sex acts or playing out the actions of a seductive woman in their minds, women tend to reminisce about the romantic feelings, sounds or smells they were experiencing the last time they had sex, having their minds play out a situation more like an erotic novel (think Fifty Shades of Grey) or a romantic movie. This is not to say that every woman has more of a PG-13 imagination, but many have a hard time conjuring up specific images in their mind to get them revved and ready.

Maybe you should shoot your girlfriend a text or two today that will make her fantasize about what the two of you could get up to tonight. Let her mind linger on it throughout the day, and maybe she’ll send you a text back. Sexting, after all, is etched in a woman’s DNA as a way to feel more desirable to men.