It’s no secret that women have a history of being attracted by rustic, hardworking man and scientists now have a particular gene that backs this claim up. According to the Rockefeller and Duke researchers, approximately 70% of adult men and women have a genetic capacity to perceive a particular chemical called androstenone in male body odor. To them, this chemical can smell like vanilla or a sweet woodsy scent while others smell an odor similar to stale urine.

Although studies and research has been completed on the androstenone’s effect on humans, scientists know more about the effects of this chemical in pigs. One trace of androstenone and female pigs immediately assume a position which presents themselves to the male. While at this point there isn’t any scientific evidence of an androstenone spray helping you score the girl of your dreams, researchers have already found that a complex group of chemicals (which includes male sweat) provokes psychological effects to some women which includes sexual arousal.

“(Unfortunately) At this point there isn’t any scientific evidence that a spray of androstenone is going to help any guy get lucky,” says lead researcher Leslie Vosshall. “Plus, if the woman he’s hot for doesn’t have a functional copy of the gene, she won’t even smell it.”