Sex stamina food

There are a few foods out there that are shown to boost sexual endurance. We’re not out to list them all, but these will get you started. The first is raw oysters. These already go hand in hand with increasing libido and are seen as a very powerful aphrodisiac; think of them as your go-to food if you really want a bang for your buck. They’re high in zinc, which raises your sperm count and creates more testosterone, and are packed with dopamine, which helps with libido. Another food to eat more of is (unfortunately) garlic. It’s packed with allicin, a compound that is believed to increase blood flow to your genitals and help you stay erect for longer periods of time. Just don’t munch down an entire clove immediately before jumping into bed, please.

Sex stamina exercises

If you’re coming up short more often than not, you may have to hit the gym for some well-needed cardio. Men’s Health broke down eight great exercises that aim to “improve your sexual prowess,” a selection of moves you should be doing to increase your stamina, strengthen your upper body, leg muscles and, uh, hip movements. They’ve also indicated the sex positions that each exercise will improve, which is pretty handy too. Check out the sex moves that will help men last longer in bed naturally here.

Longer sex drive

Maybe it’s not your stamina that’s killing you; it could be your sex drive. If you’ve been stressed recently, or have forgone a healthy diet for beers, nachos and other summertime vices, you may have noticed a dip in your desires or displeasure with your sexual performances. Stay away from foods that kill your sex drive, get enough sleep, quit smoking cigarettes and take some ginseng (they say between one half to two grams a day will suffice) if you’re feeling adventurous.