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Up in Smoke: How to Turn Her On

Up in Smoke: How to Turn Her On:

Women may seem to be tricky creatures when it comes to pleasure in bed, but if you follow the hints, moans and demands she makes between the sheets, pleasing her is pretty straightforward. You should have a leg up, after all: on average women tend to have a total of four sexual partners during their lifetimes, whereas men have an average of seven!

Through the power of sex facts and our girls, we show you how you can turn your woman on in bed.

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Veronica Lavery: *Almost half of women have tried some form of bondage *

Jade Bryce: Over half the women you meet fantasize about you

Nicolette Shea: Some women experience orgasms through breast play

Playboy Bunny: Girls love phone sex

Rainy Day Jordan: Some women experience orgasms through fitness

Jennifer Vaughn: According to you, high heels are the sexiest kind of shoe

Patrice Hollis: She may like decorating her room more than having sex with you

Lissette Marie: *You have more sexual partners than she does *

Mashup Monday Girls: One woman once recorded 134 orgasms in a single hour. Woof!

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