If you’re hoping to spice things up in the bedroom (or kitchen, or convertible) with your generally uptight girlfriend, scientists may have discovered the ultimate wingman for you: foreplay. Okay, that one should already be a given, but according to research, women are generally more adventurous and open to trying new things when they’re already aroused.

It makes sense: sex is silly anyway, so once you’re in the heat of the moment you’re more prone to throw your leg here, twist your waist there and call your partner “sugar baby” without overanalyzing how monstrous you may look to a third party.

The way they concluded this reaction in women was quite questionable and reads more like an episode of Fear Factor: 90 women at the University of Groningen were separated into three groups; one group watched an erotic video, another a high-adrenaline sports film and the third a video of a train. After their matinée, all 90 women were asked to perform 16 repulsive tasks, from putting their hands in a tray of “used condoms” to eating a cookie that was once crawling with live worms.

Of all the women, the ones who had watched the erotic video were up for anything and were not really fazed by how gross the tasks were.

Dr. Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor, told ABC News, “I think this study is interesting in that it helps support the idea that sexual arousal lowers inhibitions and often enables one to participate in activities that they might normally find disgusting or off-putting.“

Despite the odd nature of the study and small size of the focus group which took part, it just goes to show that women need to be aroused enough to get over their hang-ups and enjoy their partners exploring their bodies.

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