This past month PETA has been hyping up world vegan month not only by posting those terrifying annoying dead animal photos all over the internet, but by sharing some rather alarming statistics that link large consumptions of meat and impotence. You know how to get a guy’s attention PETA! “The cholesterol in meat, eggs and dairy products can clog our arteries and slow the flow of blood to all of the body’s organs – including those that are vital in bed,” explained a PETA representative. “Vegan meals, on the other hand, contain none of the animal fat or cholesterol found in meat, eggs and dairy products.” Every year, impotence affects millions of men across the world. One study shows that erectile dysfunction affects approximately 20 million men in the U.S. alone. In theory, if you reduce your meat intake, the chance of impotence will decrease as well leaving you and your partner happy.

In honour of world vegan month, the guys over at the PETA UK offices shot a rather cheeky viral video to promote the sexual benefits you’ll get from curbing your meat intake. “When it comes to making love, carnivores can be as sluggish as the blood trying to squeeze through their clogged arteries – but vegans have the stamina to keep the party going all night long”, says PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. “PETA’s video is a light-hearted way to show that spicing things up in the bedroom can be as simple as changing things up in the kitchen.” Playmates and cyber girls are no strangers to teaming up with PETA to thwart animal cruelty and promote vegetarianism. Check out some photos below of 2008’s Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole and Jo Garcia below strutting their stuff in lettuce bikinis on Capitol Hill serving up veggie dogs to their white collared fans. Click to enlarge!