While we’d all like to believe that there is someone special out there waiting just for us, it’s safe to say that most of us are having a really hard time finding them. Because of this, a lot of single lonely hearts have taken to the internet to find their one true love, enlisting the help of algorithms, lengthy quizzes and percentile matchmakers. Sure, they turn a hefty profit at your expense, but recent studies have shown that every day about 50 accounts on a very popular dating site are closed because users found a match on the site. So maybe we aren’t all doomed to live out the rest of our lives in a lonely existence. Here are our favorite online dating stats.

Justine Miller - According to the U.S. Census, 44 percent of adult Americans are single

Ali Rose - Some men know they’re falling for someone after just three dates

Carly Lauren - 91 percent of men on Match.com are okay with women asking them out

Amber Price - Italian and Chinese food are the favorites for dates

Lindsey Knight - 40 million Americans use online dating services

Rivi Madison - Divorce shortens life expectancy by four years

Carissa White - 48 percent of breakups take place over email

Erika - 30 percent believe personality is the most important factor on a first date

Alana Campos - Women are more likely than men to get a response online

Loni Rae - Around 40 percent of romances that start at work end in marriage