As discussed in a previous Up in Smoke, the first kiss is a really important part of any relationship; at least it feels like that at the time. Eventually, kissing becomes second nature. A peck on the cheek is a way to say goodbye, hello or that you care about someone. And if you have the urge to shove your tongue in someone’s mouth, it probably means you want to have sex with them. Whatever kind of kissing you’re up to, there are a lot of health benefits and quirky facts that come along with locking lips.

****Ashley Lauren and Levi Marie – How many calories can you burn making out? Twenty-six a minute!

****Lauren WK – The longest recorded kiss was over 30 hours!

Audrey Nicole and Naj’a Irie – People spend 15 days of their lives kissing

****Leanna Decker – Men prefer women who wear red lipstick

****Thuy li and Terri Hammer – Some women can orgasm simply from kissing

****Monique Arce – Men are more picky about who they kiss than who they have sex with

*Vanessa Jay *– Men are more attracted to women with fuller lips

****Yulia Brichkovskaya – Your lips are more sensitive than the tips of your fingers