Don’t you dare consider a glass of red wine as your fair share of foreplay, but having your girl throw back a glass or two throughout the night may heighten your chances of getting lucky. Research conducted in Florence (how fitting) has shown that some female wine drinkers experience a higher sense of sexual desire. “While this finding needs to be interpreted with some caution, it nevertheless suggests a potential relationship between red wine consumption and better sexuality.”

Researchers polled 800 women aged 18-50 on their sex lives and drinking habits; one group regularly drank more than one glass of red wine a day, another drank less than once a day and the third not at all. The red wine drinkers had the highest score of most frequent sexual desires.

The researchers believe the reason red wine drinkers are the friskiest is because the chemical compounds found in the wine tend to increase blood flow to the erogenous parts of a woman’s body. What was most shocking to the researchers was the fact that the women in this particular group were older, therefore more prone to having less of a sex drive. So can we count this liquor as an aphrodisiac? Kind of. What’s even better is the fact that having a glass of red wine a day can help lower your risk of heart attack.

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