For years society has labeled Redheads as oddities of the genetic pool. They’re eerily pale, emotionally feisty, and have a reputation for being ferocious in the sack. The latter can be awesome at first but can take a turn for the worse if you’re not down for mixing pleasure and pain.

According to new research, redhead’s strange quirks may be due to very particular genetics that set them apart from the rest.

When a group at Denmark’s Aalborg University was given a shot of capsaicin, the main ingredient in chili peppers, researchers were surprised to find that all redheaded participants were less affected by the pressure and heat of the injection area as well as the initial prick of the needle. Not only did the study show that redheads have a higher tolerance for pain, they are also less fazed by ingesting hot and spicy foods.

Are instances in the past when you’ve had to deal with superhuman redhead strength making sense now? It’s because they’ve literally built up immunity to pain and spice. So the next time a redhead cooks you a meal, be sure you mention to go easy on the hot sauce and gentle once you’ve made it to the bedroom.