When was the last time you slept naked? If you had to stop and think about it, you’re not alone. One study has shown that fewer than one in ten Americans sleep naked on a regular basis, which is one fact we’re not too thrilled about. The national sleep survey concluded that 75 percent of us wear pajamas when we jump into bed while only eight percent admit to sleeping in the nude. While some blame the strange fascination we all suddenly have with onesies, others are pointing fingers at the rise of sexual dysfunction in the country. Even if you’re not sharing the sheets with a Bunny every night, there are actually some pretty interesting reasons to eschew your sleepwear, like better sleep, loss of belly fat (really) and a boost of self-confidence.

If you sleep naked with your partner, there are some sexy side effects you’ll both experience, such as the release of oxytocin, a hormone that’s linked to sexual arousal and lowering stress with skin-on-skin contact. Another major plus of sleeping in the nude is more of a chance that you’ll both be in the mood for sex as well as creating a stronger sense of desire for your partner.

To be honest, the only time we like seeing lingerie or PJ’s is if it’s coming off before bed or at a party at the mansion!

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