Hitting on a crying woman was never a sure bet for a night of passion, but as of last year, researchers have a scientific reason why women’s tears are so sexually unappealing. Famed neuroscientist Noam Sobel of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, performed a study that aimed to understand the effect of emotional tears on other humans. The way they conducted the research may seem too comical to be real, but believe us, it is all true.

Sobel collected the tears of a group of women who were asked to watch lots of sappy movies. After all of the tears were collected, a group of males were brought in and asked to smell a cotton swab, which had either been soaked in human tears or saline. After being hooked up to a brain scanner, the men were shown a few sex scenes. Those who had smelled the tear-soaked cotton balls showed less brain activity in the regions connected with sexual arousal, while those who sniffed the saline showed normal results. You guys could’ve paid us a couple of thousand dollars to tell you that tears are a sexual suppressant, but here we are.

What you can learn from this is that if you want to get lucky after the first date, instead of bringing your girl to a romcom, opt for something badass like a superhero flick. We’re not saying she’ll be happy with this choice, but your bedroom performance will be twice as awesome and you won’t have to sit through two hours of a “heart-wrenching” love story.