Boobs are great, aren’t they? We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but you could say Playboy’s been the recognized aficionado on the subject for a few decades now. Still, there’s always more to learn, even on those subjects we cover (or, more notably, uncover) daily. Here are eight titillating facts you need to know about breasts. And if these boob facts leave you wanting more, check out our ultimate history and our latest How-To video on conducting a monthly breast exam.

*Model: Ana Cheri *- Over two million women have breast implants in the U.S.

*Model: Leona Rajacic *- Richer men tend to prefer women with smaller breasts

*Model: *Ally Johnson- One study suggests that staring at boobs can extend a man’s life by five years

*Model: *Jeannie Santiago - The most common breast size in the world is a B cup

Model: Krissy Hartley - Believe it or not, the largest natural breasts are a 102ZZZ cup

Model: Gabi - Men underperform on cognitive tests after staring at boobs

Model: Sophia Beretta - The first known push-up bra was invented in 1948

Model: Leanna Decker- Women on average own nine bras