One thing is for certain about Fall 2017: The World Series will happen, and Apple will release new iPhones. But this isn’t any year for Apple. It’s not only time for an update to last fall’s iPhone 7, but it’s also the 10th anniversary of the world-changing smartphone from the little computer company on the west coast.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who knows a thing or two about Apple, the company will indeed launch a tenth anniversary edition iPhone along side two new iPhone 7s. It was rumored (and reported here) to feature a curved OLED screen, but Gurman reports that due to supply issues, the curviness may have bene abandoned for a regular OLED display under curved glass.

The display is also rumored to be edge-to-edge, much like the Samsung Galaxy S8. As for other design elements, Apple hasn’t made any final decisions just yet, if reports are to be believed. Chances are it will borrow design elements from the original 2007 iPhone as a nod to its 10-year birthday, but that would believe other reports that the anniversary iPhone will be encased in an entirely glass (or glass-like plastic) body.

Gurman says the likely design will include subtly-curved glass on both the front and back along with stainless steel. Reportedly, Apple has already ordered 100 million screens from Samsung. Other expected features include a front dual-lens camera, screen-based Touch ID (instead of a home button), better battery life, and, of course, no headphone jack.

As we move closer to the fall, surely more information will leak over the summer. Look for your next iPhone in September. Until then, get ready for iO S 11 to totally change everything, and make your fall really, really annoying.