Are you tired of iPhone 8 details? Are you ready to just plop down your money for whatever Apple deems will be your next iOS smartphone next fall when they inevitably release the next iPhone? Have you moved on to Android after the iPhone 7 put a nasty taste in your technological mouth? Are you ready to come back?

Either way, you are here to read more about what the iPhone 8 has in store for you now that one of the Wall Street Journal’s most reliable tech-leak writers just dropped some details about the upcoming 10th anniversary Apple phone.

Here are the details so far, according to Takashi Mochizuki:

  • The screen will be curved and possibly even flexible. It will likely be made of a plastic material that will not only be curved, but also lighter and resistant to shattering. We’ve all dropped an iPhone in the wrong way, and it sucks.
  • There will be a high-end model that will cost around $1,000, possibly called the “iPhone X” in celebration of the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary. This is likely the curved, OLED model.
  • The new screen will feature OLED (organic LED) technology that will improve image quality.
  • Apple will drop its iPhone-ubiquitous lightning connector for USB-C. Before you grouse about this, keep in mind that USB-C products are much easier to find, they’re faster and they’re ultimately cheaper. This is also significant in that Apple’s MacBook Pro laptop only has USB-C ports. Look for more of the same from other future Apple computers.
  • There will be a more standard iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with a design that’s more familiar and with a price that’s also more in line with what they’ve charged in the past.
  • Apple will likely drop the home button in lieu of a pressure-sensitive area for the same functionality.

If I may toot my own horn, so far, it turns out I am pretty spot-on with my iPhone X predictions as originally reported last month. As such, you probably owe me a taco come September.