The #FreetheNipple campaign has been a long-standing fight by the common people to protest Instagram’s archaic censorship rules. And while people have taken to just posting their nipples elsewhere, there may be a social media alternative for people who want to share pictures of their naked bodies.

Uplust is a newly launched social media platform where people can post their naked pictures as much as they want. The app was created by a French guy (of course) named Quentin Lechemia and was orginally called “Pornostagram.”

According to Uplust, more than half of their users are women. In an interview with Bustle, a rep for the app said that because users control what gets shared, it can be empowering for women. The rep said, “Because it’s not studio-produced, [the site] puts women in control of their bodies, and doesn’t reinforce unrealistic body types.” They also added, “There’s also a significant transgender presence on Uplust, which I think is really interesting in light of the Instagram controversy.”

You can head over to Bustle to read about some of the features offered on the app. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for iPhone or Android yet, so you’ll have to stick with visiting their website to access all their content. (**CORRECTION: The app is available on iPhone and Android, just not in the official app stores for either device.)

(h/t Death and Taxes)

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