Ramsay Bolton might not be around to serve as the deplorable little shit we love to hate on Game of Thrones anymore, but actor Iwan Rheon has already moved on to other villains. Rheon (who seems like a very sweet man in real life) is one of the stars of the star-packed new Sky Arts comedy Urban Myths, a comedy covering “true…ish” celebrity stories that were “passed down over time and have now become part of urban folklore.” Rheon will play Adolf Hitler as the future Führer attempts to become an “academic painter” with a little help from a friend (Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint). He’s apparently not very good at it.

The series premieres Jan. 19 in the U.K. and also stars Stockard Channing (as Elizabeth Taylor), Brian Cox (as Marlon Brando) and Joseph Fiennes (as a pale and uncanny latter-day Michael Jackson). And yeah, that last bit of casting is just as unsettling as it sounds.