I have not seen director Jose N. Marquez’ indie sci-fi thriller Isa yet; it plays tonight at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City. But it seems like exactly the reason festivals like Urbanworld exist: to promote the visions of filmmakers who do not traditionally have access to the Hollywood studio system. Plus, the premise, though rooted in genre fiction, sounds like a unique take on sci-fi.

Isa Reyes thinks she’s a normal American teenager until she discovers that a chip in her brain is causing her dreams to merge with reality. When Isa is kidnapped by a company that wants to exploit her powerful dreams, her friends Nataly Gomez and Officer Diaz come to her aid. Together they uncover a conspiracy that spans from the forests of Mexico to Wall Street. - urbanworld.com

Hopefully, this one will find its way to a theater near all of us sometime soon.