The U.S. military accidentally shipped live anthrax to various labs across the country via Fed-Ed, CNN is reporting . Samples were also mistakenly sent to an additional facility in South Korea.

A few years back, sent me live Anthrax, and no one seemed to care. But apparently this latest shipment is much more serious. Four American lab workers and as many as 22 workers overseas are undergoing post-exposure treatment.

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“All personnel were provided appropriate medical precautionary measures to include examinations, antibiotics and in some instances, vaccinations,” according to a statement from the military. “None of the personnel have shown any signs of possible exposure.”

The samples, which were thought to be dead, originated at a lab in Dugway, Utah. A Maryland-based lab discovered that the samples it received from Utah were active, which set off an “urgent review to see whether any other live anthrax has been shipped.” CNN claims there are still “conflicting” reports about where all of the samples were sent, although facilities in at least nine states are thought to have been affected.

Despite the fact that the samples were shipped in “less rigorous conditions” than normal, officials claim there is no risk to the general public. Of course, this is the same group of people who accidentally sent live anthrax all over the country, so maybe we should take what they’re saying with a grain of salt, or better yet, with a dose of ciprofloxacin.

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