People love to compare their home state with others around the country. New York thinks of itself as the capital of the world, California is the capital of cool, West Virginia is the capital of…uh…miner deaths? But which states have garnered the reputation as being the most sexually active?

Well a new study was released that shows which states in the Union have the highest rates of STDs, as well as which countries in Europe. The researches combed through a whole list of government documents to come up with their statistics, and some of the results are surprising.

First, here’s a comparison of STD rates in Europe and the United States.

Couple of questions: Why the heck are there so many more cases of gonorrhea in the United States in 1980? And why is chlamydia running rampant in the States? Here’s a chart showing the rise of the clap over time:

It’s like watching the time lapse of a plague. You’d think since European countries are more known for their sexual openness (we’re looking at you, France and Italy!), they’d have a lot more cases of genital ailments. But apparently when you live in a country where people don’t teach you that using condoms is akin to spitting in God’s face, people tend to take a lot more precautions.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s a chart showing the states with the highest rates of various diseases.

Lot of Southern states in that chart, which isn’t really a surprise. No offense, Alabama, but it’s not like your state has a sterling reputation for being on the forefront of modern thought. (See: the Civil Rights Movement for further reference.)

The group also released data on which European countries have the highest rates of STDs.

I’m pretty sure most of these countries on the list are pretty cold. So I’m assuming their citizens are stuck indoors all day with nothing to do, so they just get freaky with each other. And since it’s freezing out, they probably don’t want to walk all the way to 7/11 or whatever their country’s version of a cheap convenience store where you won’t run into anybody you know when buying condoms.

Perhaps these statistics will inspire Americans to begin acting in more healthy ways. After all, we can’t let the Europeans beat us in this. We’re better than that, America!

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He’s been to very few states South of the Mason-Dixon line. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.