V.I.P: Those three golden letters that can elevate pretty much any experience from meh to memorable. But there are a select few experiences—available only to a select few—that take the concept of “VIP” treatment to entirely another level. From sports events to music festivals to fine dining, we’ve curated the most lavish, over-the-top VIP packages from around the world to see how the one-percenters live…and frivolously blow their cash.

NAME: A Trip through Mongolia with the Kazakh Eagle Hunters
SUPERLATIVE: “The Most Luxurious Trip in the World”
COST: $2 Million
WHAT PUSHES IT OVER THE TOP: Looking for the most extravagant Asian adventure possible? The eagle has landed. Just ask Urbane Nomads founder Hajar Ali, who has put together what he calls “The Most Luxurious Trip in the World” through Mongolia—alongside the Kazakh eagle hunters. It will set you back a few bucks.

The 16-day sojourn starts in Beijing, where participants rest up for the trip with a stay at either the Park Hyatt or the Commune by the Great Wall (where they can start the next day with an early-morning yoga session by the Great Wall of China). From there, a private jet—staffed with chef and butler—whisks travelers off to Mongolia to ride with the Kazakh eagle hunters.

From there, it’s all about full-on falconry—and fabulosity, naturally. Over the 16-day period, helicopters transport the group to various points in Mongolia to ride with the eagle hunters on their turf. At night, guests glamp in luxurious yurts or can retire to the adjacent yurt for a spa treatment. To ramp up the pampering aspect, the private chef and butler come along for the ride, as well as an award-winning filmmaker who documents the whirlwind trip. It’s like a mega-opulent version City Slickers, but instead of a cattle drive, you’re bird watching.

And, after a trip like that, mere photos just don’t seem like enough for posterity. Luckily, Urbane Nomads has that covered—thanks to a well-known painter who captures a portrait of the would-be eagle hunter in action. (Past clients of the artist include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and members of the Gulf Royal Families, so suffice it to say he’s got some chops.)

What better way for birds of prey to meet birds of play?