Obviously the nogoodniks in this fan film weren’t exactly sure what they were selling, because a back-alley deal involving a suitcase full of money seems woefully inadequate to sell Aperture Science Quantum Tunneling technology.

That’s what’s up in this Portal fan film from Ryan Connolly, dubbed “Portal Combat.” Let’s get this out of the way now: I know that title suggests the film is about Mortal Kombat characters Sub-Zero and Scorpion fighting GlaDOS. It isn’t, so let go of your disappointment, because the film is still pretty fun, especially when showing off the offensive capabilities of portals in turning older brothers into projectiles.

Connolly’s YouTube channel, Film Riot, also goes the neat extra mile by providing some how-to information about how its videos are made—so if you’re thinking about making your own goofy and/or informative Portal fan film, check out the video’s description.