From dodging freeway construction to enriching the dead time you spend on the subway, thoughtfully designed apps are there to shepherd you safely to and from your destination. Whether you walk, pedal, ride, or drive, these apps will make your commute simpler, faster, and less anxious.


This was already a damn useful app before Google bought in and started pumping cash and brainpower into its functionality. Now it’s practically indispensible. Apart from notifying you of hidden police cruisers, the app’s true talent is for real-time traffic notifications and smart re-routing to keep you out of trouble. Suburban freeways or crowded city, doesn’t matter. Waze will show you the way.

Find the cheapest gas prices in your area or on your route. The app also features coupons, fun challenges, and rewards for inputting fuel prices at stations you pass.

Tap this app, and you’ll see a map of available parking spots and prices based on how long you plan to leave your ride. It doesn’t include metered or free spots. But if you’re trying to park in a big city, it’s a sanity saver.


Type in your destination, and this app will show you the quickest walking or biking route, along with an (accurate!) ETA and the number of calories you’ll burn pedaling or hoofing it. It also features taxi and public transportation options.

It’s a weather app, and you’ve got one of those. But unlike the far-from-precise software built into your phone, this app provides in-depth radar and rain prediction info, real-time weather videos uploaded by users, and air quality alerts.

Simply the best app for tracking and analyzing your ride, this app also allows you to compare your pace with other cyclists (or runners) who have taken your route. It’s like riding against an invisible adversary—perfect for competitive types and those looking for motivation to push themselves.


TRANSIT A lifesaver for navigating public transportation options in a new city or neighborhood, Transit will show you your closest bus or train stops, as well as routes and prices to reach your destination. It even provides real-time (and pretty reliable) arrival estimates for the next train or bus.

Honestly, the Transit app is all you need to get around via public transportation. But once you’re situated on your bus or train, there are few more engaging ways to spend your ride than with Timehop. Like a time capsule in your phone, this app shows you what you were up to on today’s date in years past. Photos you posted to Facebook, Foursquare check-ins, Twitter comments … you kind of have to use it to get it, but the app will give you a new perspective on how your life has evolved from year to year.