Did you know that vaginas can lift weights? They can. They can and they should. According to Lisa Masterson, MD, the ancient Tao practice of Vagina Kung Fu, also formally known as Vaginal Weightlifting, is a fantastic exercise that utilizes the contraction of a woman’s vagnina muscles (also known as her pelvic floor muscles) to grab onto and hold a weighted object inserted in the vagina.

Why in hell do women do this? Because this kind of vagina workout strengthens a woman’s pelvic floor, which can help her experience stronger orgasms–that’s why (therefore, it works to your benefit too, so shut it, man).

Women who train their pelvic floor also tend to experience smoother pregnancies. It has also been shown to help women who suffer from urinary incontinence.

How it works is actually pretty simple: According to Dr. Masterson, the moment something is inserted into the vagina, its muscles will automatically grab onto it. “The heavier the object, the harder the vaginal muscles have to work to hold it is,” Masterson councils in the video.

Don’t get grossed out. We’re not talking bowling balls here. According to the “Health in Heels” host, Vaginal Kung Fu masters use what are called jade eggs, small polished stones with holes drilled in them so weights can be attached.

Once a woman has popped the egg inside, she’s instructed to clench her v-muscles while keeping her legs apart and firmly planted on the ground. When she’s grown accustomed to the weight, she must then influence the weight to swing like a pendulum by thrusting her pelvis forward and back. When presented with our boners, guys do the same thing, we just usually perform the task to entertain ourselves.

Masterson recommends a woman start with one set of 10 and build on top of that. In between sets, she should reach down and hold the wieght with her hand, thereby giving her vagina a well-deserved rest.

Vaginal Kung Fu is more or less an Extreme Sports version of kegel exercise. If you’re interested in a modern version of the ancient act, you should keep an eye out for Ben Wa balls. These are slightly larger than a marble and contain small weights inside. These are often fastened to a string of some sort for easy retreival.

To work, all a woman has to do is insert the Ben Wa balls and carry on with her day. Or she can sit in a rocking chair and feel all kinds of wonderful. Easy as that.

If this is something you and your gal might be interested in, LELO offers a high quality version of Ben Wa balls called Luna Beads. You can check them out here.

See Dr. Masterson’s the full video below.