Up in Smoke: Valentine’s Day

By Playboy.com Staff


The sexiest day of the year, Valentine’s Day, is almost upon us and to help get you ready we’re looking at the facts and figures for the love holiday. This year your V-Day is extra hot thanks to our Playmates, Cybergirls, Amateurs and Coeds bringing you everything you need to know about Valentine’s Day.

Model: Jenna Reese - Condom sales reach their yearly peak around Valentine's Day...and home pregnancy tests have their highest sales the next month in March.

Model: Belen Lavallen - The average man spends $156 on Valentine’s Day; the average for women is $85.

Model: Angi Mari Yangas - Around 8 billion candy hearts will be manufactured for Valentine’s Day.

Model: Tania Funes - Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards? It might surprise you that the majority of Valentine’s cards are given to teachers! After which, in decreasing order of popularity: children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and...pets.

Model: Sara Alvarado - Verona, Italy, the setting for Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, gets over 1,000 letters addressed to “Juliet” each year for Valentine's Day.

Model: Amanda Corey - Watch for a Playmate on the morning of February 14th! In medieval Europe it was believed that the first unmarried person you met on Valentine's Day was the person you would marry.

Model: Khloe Terae - Chocolate is thought to be a natural aphrodisiac, and in the U.S. alone more than a billion dollars’ worth of chocolate is bought for Valentine’s Day.


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