Green House Kitchen, much like many new upscale restaurants these days, proudly boasts the nutritional quality of its healthy fare, in addition to its locally sourced ingredients and low environmental impact.

Unlike most other restaurants, though, Green House Kitchen wants you to vape while you chow down on your steak tartare, or dishes like herring with beet root puree and rye bread. Located in the Netherlands next to an outpost of Green House, a popular chain of weed coffee shops in Amsterdam, the two share a familial connection: The restaurant’s manager, Celester Roskam, is the daughter of Arjan Roskam, the Green House Coffee Shop’s founder.

Roskam says she wanted to incorporate marijuana into the restaurant, but not at the expense of her vision for a healthy dining experience. “I just didn’t like the idea of everyone smoking inside,” Roskam tells Munchies.

[Green House Kitchen](

Green House Kitchen

Instead of allowing smoking in the restaurant, Roskam decided to make vaping a culinary element of the meal. Customers can vape different herbs and spices — or vape any weed they might choose bring into the restaurant. “It really completed the healthy concept I had in mind,” Celester says. “This way, we could also put spices on the table that really complement the meal when you vape them.”

Green House Kitchen encourages diners to combine eating with vaporizing, but they’re not allowed to actually sell weed to customers. Seems like a shame. (BWOW?)

Facebook / [Green House Kitchen](

Facebook / Green House Kitchen

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