Courtesy of [Benhur Arcayan](

Courtesy of Benhur Arcayan.

A large apartment block in Rome that is partially owned by the Vatican is also home to “Europe’s biggest gay sauna,” the Independent is reporting.

According to leaked documents, the Vatican purchased a (roughly) $25 million share of 2 Via Carducci in 2008. Along with apartments, the building also houses the Europa Multiclub. Some priests who lived at the Vatican-owned complex were said to be regular visitors of the sauna, and the club’s website supposedly contains a promotional video of a man wearing a priest’s outfit (I didn’t see it, but feel free to confirm that for yourself by clicking here.

Although the building’s purchase took place before Pope Francis came to power, many speculate that this and other embarrassing leaks are meant to undermine his authority. After all, while the pope might be relatively liberal, as far as popes go, he sure as hell isn’t “let’s buy a gay sauna” liberal.

(Source: The Independent)