If you want to be even more apathetic as you purchase weed, you can actually eliminate all necessary human interaction with this weed vending machine.

Recently debuted at the NAMA One Show (think the CES of convencience service technology) the American Green Machine proved a true cultural and technological marvel. The vending machines are comprised of cutting edge technology including cameras, computers and biometric security features and are built to sell you weed. Yes, we’re just as amazed as you probably are.

American Green, the company behind the super smart vending machines, has produced comparable ones since 2009. But this won’t be convenient for everybody, at least not for maybe twenty years when it’s legal everywhere.

You will need an app that interfaces with the machine, and uses your phone’s biometric capabilities to prove your identity. As if that wasn’t enough, the system also has another security check of a scannable QR code that appears on your screen. Apparently this is legit, as their website states, these are the same measures “utilized by the US military and many large corporations who require top-notch security for identification prior to entering a facility.”

How these machines would work and who would be able to purchase them for their buisness is still unknown. Yet as legalization becomes more common, the possibility of nug-dispensing machines on street corners is approaching.

As always, weed advancements prove themselves as a consistently reliable source of good news.