Wireless plans are about as fun to think about as death and taxes. Yet we all must deal with them, with changing costs, contracts, creeping bill totals and seriously annoying data limits. Some of us managed to get grandfathered into great plans, but now those days are quickly becmoming over.

In an effort to remain economically massive, Verizon announced today that it is offering up an unlimited data plan for $80 per month. In order to get the plan you’ll need to sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing, but let’s be honest, you should be doing that anyway. If you’re a family man (or woman), you can add lines for $45 each (for a total of $180).

This announcement comes after Verizon attempted to put a band-aid on customer complaints of data overage with a “Safety Mode” that throttled speeds down to 2G, something I’m sure many reading this have had to deal with.

After Verizon saw massive gains in users and even fans in years past, customers are beginning to see them for what they are: just another carrier who needs to pay attention to what matters most which are cost and customer service. It appears the telecom giant is attempting to do something about that.

Meanwhile, AT&T has offered unlimited data the whole time, while Sprint just announced a five-line unlimited data plan for $90. T-Mobile offers a single unlimited line for $70 and $50 for the second.

Confusing? Yes. But as competition heats up and customers spend more time consuming data-heavy content like video and music, providers will need to line up and make it worth it for customers. Here’s hoping the trend continues.