Farm to table is all the rage these days. But for Doug Paine, the chef at Hotel Vermont in Burlington, local food sourcing takes a broader interpretation than most of us are accustomed to: the chef will serve up some prime roadkill at an event on November 7.

Called “Wild About Vermont,” the menu will feature three kinds of roadkill, supplied by Vermont Fish and Wildlife. Guests will also be able to eat meat not killed on roads or highways, as the meal will also feature beaver, moose and muskrat. The prix fixe menu will cost $75.

Paine doesn’t want people to feel pressured to eat roadkill, which is why he’s provided options. “You can choose what you want to eat. We’re not going to force anyone to eat muskrat if they don’t feel like it, but it will be offered to everyone,” he says.

The chef’s goal is “to get people connected to their local food sources, but also to showcase the traditions of Vermont.”

via WPTZ