Veronica Vain took one of the more interesting paths into the porn world. She worked as an intern on Wall Street, took some nude selfies at work and then shared them online. She became an internet sensation and her career in adult entertainment began. As part of her newfound fame, Veronica decided to participate in a Reddit AMA and answer all her fan’s toughest questions. Here are some of her best responses.

Which avenue has more coke, Wall Street or pornography?
Wall Street has way more drugs. Drugs and alcohol are not even allowed on porn sets.

How’s the pay difference?
So far, this year I will make more than I would have as a first year analyst.

So Veronica, how many of your fans have already asked you when are u doing IR and anal?
A ton. I am open to exploring all facets of sexual activity. Also, I like anal.

Instagram, @theveronicavain

Instagram, @theveronicavain

Why should I buy porn?
So that it keeps being created. How’s that?

What are your best tips/advice for giving blowjobs?
1. The best spit is in the back of your throat.
2. Get sloppy with it.
3. Rub it on your face.
4. Use both hands in reverse corkscrew motions with lots of spit.
5. Lick the ass.

What type of porn do you like? What kind of porn don’t you like?
I like most porn–it really depends on my mood. I’m not only in to any one thing, but I tend to like double penetration scenes. I don’t like anything obscene like with pissing or anything where it looks like the girl is not having a good time.

What is the best dinosaur?
The one in your pants :)

Any plans to do blow bang or gangbang in the future? Thanks for switching professions!
Yes, I would consider a blow bang or gangbang in the far future. Though I think I would enjoy a blow bang less as it doesn’t really emphasize me getting off at all.

Would you ever consider dating a guy with a small “appendage” if he is funny and has a good personality? I’m asking for a friend…
Penis size is really not as big of a deal as guys think it is. I’ve had great sex with quite small penises before, so yes if he is funny and has a good personality, takes care of himself, and is down to do other adventurous sexual things, penis size doesn’t matter much.

Got any plans for Valentine’s Day?
I’ll probably go see 50 Shades of Grey and have some anal sex with my boyfriend.

Instagram, @theveronicavain

Instagram, @theveronicavain

I think her boyfriend’s going to have a very fun weekend.

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