It’s no secret that China has an air pollution problem. It’s so bad that at the beginning of 2017, Beijing had to cancel dozens of flights at their main international airport due to smog created by the massive need for coal-fueled heat in the cold winter months.

They’re starting to do things about it, including investing in wind farms, solar plants and other environmentally friendly energy sources. But until those things become commonplace in the world’s most populous country, the smog will remain a huge issue.

But one of the more creative - and beautiful - concepts to help curb pollution in China is this “vertical forest” design that blankets tall buildings in verdant trees. The buildings, from Italian architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti, are planned for the Pukuo District of Nanjing. They will include 1,100 trees along with 2,500 plants that will cascade from external shelfs and terraces.

As for their environmental impact, the designers claim that the vertical forests will absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide per year and will produce 60 kilograms of oxygen on a daily basis.

These aren’t just concepts, either. The firm says the buildings will be completed in 2018, and they hope to build something similar in Shanghai, Chongqing, Liuzhou, Shijazhuang and Guizhou. They’ll be pretty tall as well, standing at a towering 656 feet. These buildings will include commercial space, office space, a museum, an architecture school and a private rooftop club. There are also plans to include a Hyatt hotel in one of the towers.

This has already been seen on a much smaller residential scale in Veitnam, and we’re still pretty stoked about it.