Vida Guerra has been smoking hot for as long as I can remember. Seriously, I can recall finding out about her over a decade ago and becoming enamored with that perfectly sculpted butt of hers. It’s currently 2016, Vida is 42-years-old, and she’s looking as fine as ever.

She’s also clearly up on all the current trends, with completely FIRE accounts on Instagram and Snapchat. One generous user even went as far as to take her latest Snapchat video and post it on Vine. Careful, or you might get a social media headache.

Here are some pics that Vida snapped in her thong, because she knows exactly what the people want:

Snapchat, Vida Guerra

Snapchat, Videa Guerra

And here’s a collection of Vida’s finest Instagram posts. Take a look and try to remember a time before Vida Guerra’s butt was stuck in your head. I bet you can’t!

Projection - " full moon " shot by @martin_depict hair by: @stephteazehair makeup by: @makeupbylucky styling by @jessicafang

A photo posted by VIDA💋GUERRA (@vidaguerra) on

Good night!!! 💋 Shot by @nicksaglimbeni makeup by @twmkup

A photo posted by VIDA💋GUERRA (@vidaguerra) on

Happy Wednesday!!! 💋 Collapsing In A Passionate Embrace… Author: Terrie* I strip my soul I strip my heart then I ask myself.. how can i exist If i just remain a body of air w/ no flesh I close my eyes i breath in and I search for a dose of your everlasting breath with just one touch like magic I reappear I expose my flesh to you with the words that I choose I feel no shame sharing this night under the moonlight with the ocean tide and the breeze whispering and caressing us from a distance away I’m alive again I feel honor to be a part of your heart and your flesh I look deep into your eyes I see how deep your love burns and is willing to go as you make a sacrafice for me you take me into your world without hesitation you take me in and hold me close you take me in and love me true and every fault I carry on my back nither one of us blinks as we make love with the electrical spark of our eyes we touch in more ways through our gaze our breathing becomes rapid as we feel the tide and waves rise above our hearts our eyes travel beyond all limits of one anothers flesh covered bones our lips meet and lock our souls feel the passion burning within as we melt before we ever touch i feel no shame as love explodes never feeling over or under exposed our spirits take flight our body’s lose control my eyes close with satisfaction as I inhale every ounce of the love you share within our private space our muscles contract as we release the love that burns beneath as we hold on to one another so tight and collapse deeply into one anothers arms through out the passionate night.

A photo posted by VIDA💋GUERRA (@vidaguerra) on

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