If you were to ever to make a list called “Things I’ll Probably Never Do,” the possibility of breaking up while riding a roller coaster could easily be a candidate. Who would ever think, yes, this classic wild adventure of god-like fun and excitement will one day be the site of my significant other and I hashing out vicious, terrible truths and deciding to abandon each other forever?

Then you see this video, and within seconds of the coaster’s initial climb, their breakup seems inevitable. The guy clearly didn’t want to be on this ride. He’s practically foaming at the mouth just thinking of it being over. Dude’s grunting like he’s being cavity-searched 100 times over. Meanwhile, his girl, who clearly talked him into it, is gleefully dancing in her seat like Taylor Swift’s performing on a damn jetski in front of her.

Do they actually yell at each other as the coaster barrles through the air? Totally. Do they ride in uncomfortable silence as it pulls into the station? Of course. Is the terrible awkwardness so palpable that it reaches through the screen and digs its gross claws into your once-hopeful heart? Oh man, 100%.