When people think about video games they either imagine teenage monsters mowing down aliens in first-person shooters or overweight men fighting dragons and goblins. The term “gamer” is usually used as an epithet synonymous with nerd or loser. But perhaps they’re simply wayward souls searching for answers to life’s biggest mysteries. Don’t believe it? Check out a series of important lessons Redditors learned from video games.

1. If there are enemies and obstacles on your path, you are going in the right direction.

2. Frogger taught me to look both ways before crossing the street.

3. Minecraft: Never waste your diamonds on a hoe.

4. Keep all the coins you find, they add up.

5. If you eat enough bags of chips, you can cure a shotgun wound to the face.

6. Piss off your wife? Give her a couple high fives. – The Sims

7. The Legend of Zelda taught me that even a scared little boy can stand against great, sweeping malevolence, and he can do it through a simple choice– the choice to hold onto his goodness, to be frightened, scared, and outmatched, but never intimidated, to be able to still do the right thing, when no one else does, and if, in times of crisis, if you can’t be brave, you can still be courageous, and that can’t be taken away.

8. Never underestimate plumbers.

9. Modern Warfare taught me that my Mother wasn’t the woman of virtue I thought she was and that I am a “FagNoob.”

10. Everything not saved will be lost.

11. The Oregon Trail taught me the risks of fording a river.

12. Mario Kart taught me that my friends can very quickly turn into my enemies.

13. Always finish him.

14. Mushrooms turn you into a giant.

15. Don’t learn life lessons from video games.