Even though all those power ballads talk sweet lovin’ through the night and so many R&B hits hype sex until sunrise, that’s usually not the case. Also, those melodic promises totally don’t specify what the deal is and leave so many questions for the listener. Like, how much did the guy have to drink? Are sex toys involved? Did both parties attend a family function earlier that evening, so both man and woman are riled up on sexy, hot repressed rage? Is the couple role-playing as Batman and Jessica Alba in Idle Hands, in which case both have enough sexy energy to enjoy each other’s naked company for an entire workweek?

An often-considered question is “How long is sex supposed to last?” Now, given that this is human interaction, there’s no actual right or wrong answer. Everyone has different preferences, but Aryia at SimpleSexyStupid set out to score a definitive answer by asking a few college girls.

According to college girls—or at least the ones interviewed—a dude should last at least 30 minutes.

But that’s should. They expect 10 or 15 minutes at a minimum. And there is such a thing as too long. Women have opinions of that too, along with foreplay and premature ejaculation. Watch the video to get educated/schooled (depending on what you’re like out in the bedroom wild).