Vin Diesel isn’t just one of the stars of the billion-dollar Fast and Furious franchise. He’s its poster boy, a guy synonymous with fast cars, hot ladies, and crazy stunt shots. So, it can be weird to see him outside of that environment.

But, Diesel obviously has other interests, as his many years working on the Riddick franchise prove. The guy’s a Dungeons and Dragons nerd from way back, so it’s no surprise that he’s starring in The Last Witch Hunter, a supernatural thriller about an immortal Witch Hunter who solves a crisis by reluctantly teaming up with his worst enemy: A witch.

The first trailer for the film has just arrived, and it’s full of fantasy goodness, including co-stars Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones), Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises) and Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings). Plus, there’s plenty of Diesel himself delivering something the Furious movies never could: a flaming broadsword.

The Last Witch Hunter arrives in theaters October 23, just in time for Halloween.