The launch of the new Beetle Cabriolet by the legacy designers over at Volkswagen at this year’s L.A. Auto Show was not so much a surprise as it was a chance for auto enthusiasts to crane their necks at what the brand would next do to the line. Following in the footsteps—or should we say tire tracks—of the original first generation and second-gen New Beetle cabrios, the latest incarnation of the soft top is longer, lower to the ground and wider, giving this vehicle a curb appeal that’s just as forward-thinking as it is nostalgic-feeling.

We looked at the merits of the hardtop new Beetle Turbo a while back, but the most compelling aspect of the convertibles, at least for us, lies in the gorgeous retro special editions that also came forth in L.A.

Modeled after the styles and trims of Beetle years gone by, the three models, the 1950s Edition, 1960s Edition and 1970s Edition, each strike a different tone and personality that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but all are ready for a good time on the road. Especially if you can drop the top in less than 10 seconds up to 30 mph.

Although many guys would flinch about driving one of these things as their day-to-day vehicles, these vehicles are not only a fun choice to jump in and drive but also an easy lure for a Playmate or three looking to share in an old-time adventure on the road.1950s Edition

The stylish 1950s tribute edition is your first pit stop here, channeling the most popular color combination for the original Beetle in that decade: the smooth and glossy jet black contrasts beautifully with the tan leather sport seat interior. Dressed with 17” Heritage Alloy wheels, this car is a reborn classic which will inject a measure of retro back into the road trip.

Priced at $26,095 for the 2.5 liter with 170 HP. For more click HERE.1960s Edition

If the denim blue paint job didn’t give it away, the 1960’s Edition hearkens back to the hippie years that VW was no stranger to (just please don’t relaunch the Bus please): groovy beach style combined with random chaos just seemed to be the way of life. Capped off with stunning 18” twister wheels and two-tone blue and black leather interior, this car is meant for kicking back and having a good time. Plus, what other convertible would you be comfortable rolling across the sand in—good luck with that ultralow V12.

Priced at $32,395 for the 2.0-liter Turbo with 200 HP. For more click HERE.1970s Edition

The final shade of retro comes in the understated elegance of the 1970s edition. Wrapped in a metallic toffee brown paint job that floats over the classic 18” disc wheels, the refined look of this Beetle is described best as a futuristic update to a tried-and-tested visual formula that never quite goes out of style. We’d be happy to be seen in it, sporting a suit and escorting our long-legged date out on the town. We’d wager the complete package will look nothing less than stellar at your next red carpet.

Priced at $28,595 for the 2.5 liter with 170 HP. For more click HERE.

The Beetle Vintage collection is available in showrooms now.