I guarantee you knew someone back in middle school who ran for class president and promised soda in all the water fountains if he was elected. I didn’t drink soda as a kid, so while I appreciated the sentiment, I could never get on board with that guy. However, if I had a coworker who promised a whiskey vending machine in the office—the adult equivalent of the soda in the water fountains thing—I’d vote for him to be company CEO. Hell, I’d probably give him a little chunk of my salary to make it happen.

This sure seems like a good place to start. What we have here is a fully operational Jameson whiskey vending machine straight out of 1971, which can be yours for a cool 795 Euros, or around $870. (Hat tip to VinePair for finding the relic.) That’s actually not a bad price for “the single greatest party trick ever invented by our restless and entrepreneurial species,” according to the guy selling it. His words, not ours, but he’s not too far off. It’s a dope party trick.

As you’ll see in the video below, the machine is easy to use: Just drop in your coin, turn a key and fill up your shot glass with some sweet, sweet, potentially 46-year-old Jamo.

The caveat: In order for this thing to actually work, you’ll need a bunch of Irish 10-pence coins from the 1960s. But you can apparently find those on eBay, so hey, bottoms up.