Virtual reality is already a bit of a trip, so we can only imagine what it would be like to strap on a VR headset while you’re stoned. Fortunately, the future is here, so now you’ll have your chance to mix cannabis with some high-end, alternate-dimension technological mindfuckery.

Of course, if you’ve ever been in a college dorm room, you know that smoking pot and playing video games is nothing new. But you’ve never paired the two activities quite like this: Grassfed, an edible dining company in Los Angeles, recently launched a cannabis gaming event in a secret L.A. loft, per Jane Street Journal. For just $45, you can sample edibles, dance to world music, play pool and experience more than 100 VR gaming scenarios, from scaling the Great Wall of China to killing a bunch of zombies.

The genesis for the weed parties was simple: “Cannabis and gaming were always good friends, if you will,” Grassfed founder Dan Braunstein told the LA Weekly. “I know many of my friends that love gaming, and love cannabis, and love to combine both of them.”

So far Braunstein has only thrown one shindig, but there are plenty more on the horizon. “I see the demand coming very quickly,” he said.

However, until pot becomes totally legal in L.A. next year, all guests are required to have a medical recommendation, and Braunstein only distributes the address of each event 24 hours prior to avoid getting busted, per LA Weekly.

Because it wouldn’t be a pot party if there wasn’t a little paranoia involved.