A couple of Australians think they have a solution to the world’s never-ending quest for a night of drinking sans hangover: vodka infused with vitamins.

Created by Darryl Tombleson of The Vitamin Alcohol Company, Vitamin Vodka fancies itself the “purest of pure spirits” and is “infused with anti-hangover vitamins.” The spirit is loaded with unspecified nutrients and made with "organic ingredients"—because, surely, that matters.

The actual nutrients in the vodka include vitamins B, C, and K. Vitamins B and C assist with hydration, which, in theory, would address the main concern with hangovers. According to Bradley Mitton, The Vitamin Alcohol Company’s European business manager, you consume the equivalent of one multivitamin in every four shots.

Mitton recommends drinking Vitamin Vodka straight-up in a frozen shot. "I have never experienced a hangover the following day,” Mitton tells Vice. Keep in mind, this is the man charged with the task of selling said drink.

H/T Munchies