It’s been months since Super Bowl 50, but Cam Newton is still getting sacked, at least on social media.

After the Carolina Panthers quarterback posted a picture of himself playing water polo earlier this week, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller posted a Photoshopped image in which he’s causing Newton to fumble in the water.

Hahaha water polo sack!!!

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Now that’s some impressive trolling.

Miller, who is currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, caused Newton to fumble twice in SB 50, earning the title of Super Bowl MVP in the process. And unfortunately for Newton, when someone sacks you 2.5 times in the Super Bowl, it makes it difficult to mount a respectable counterattack to this sort of trolling. And that’s a shame, because under normal circumstances this video of Miller dancing around while dressed like Prince Charming would probably come in handy.

This is not the first time Newton has been trolled by Miller on Instagram. After the Super Bowl Miller posted Photoshopped “Crying Jordan” faces onto the heads of several Carolina Panthers, including Newton:

Jus Dab!!! 😎

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H/T: The Score