It looks like virtual reality may, at long last, make everyone’s dream of pretending to be Luke Skywalker from that one scene in Star Wars a reality. But, like, with less imagination required.

Atomic VR’s “Lightsword Experience” works with Valve and HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset, and what Atomic calls its “untethered mobile solution” for VR—basically, it looks to be a backpack that tracks your movements and that lets you wear your headset while walking around, rather than in a seated or static position and plugged into a computer or game console.

The untethered rig might not be particularly practical, since that proton pack-looking backpack is probably a computer, but it does hint at some cool possibilities. Imagine the amazing video game future in which all you need are a computer in a backpack, a bunch of motion control sensors, a thing to wear on your face, a couple of motion controllers, and a clean and empty warehouse to play in.