St. Patrick’s day is a holiday known for its insane levels of hedonistic revelry, and now you can understand on a statistical level how accomodating your city is to the Guinness soaked festivities. The personal-finance website WalletHub recently released its findings and stats for a list of 2017’s best cities for St. Patrick’s Day.

How does one come to this conclusion? The methodology, according to Wallethub, relies on a comparison of cities across four key demographics. Those demos being St. Patrick’s Day traditions, costs, safety and accessibility and weather conditions. Those four dimensions are then compounded by 16 relevant metrics, giving each city a specific score based on different points of measure.

Source: WalletHub

For example, the metrics might be the presence of a St.Patty’s parade or the price of Guinness in local pubs. Then all these factors are tabulated into a one-hundred-point score, with the above map showing all tabulated city scores. If you are curious about the top ten, check them out below.

1.Buffalo, NY
2.Madison, WI
3.Boston, MA
4.Cedar Rapids, IA
5.Worcester, MA
6.Pittsburgh, PA
7.Akron, OH
8.Tampa, FL
9.Philadelphia, PA
10.Cleveland, OH

You can see the full list on Wallethub if your city didn’t make the above honor roll. They also gave some awesome fun facts about St. Patrick’s day, with an accompanying graphic to show some things you might not know about the day itself.

Just be ready for the Irish level hangover tomorrow.