If you have travelled on multiple airlines, you likely feel a certain way towards your experiences with certain ones. Does American Airlines really lose bags that much, or was it an isolated incident? Are you the only one who got screwed over by Spirit Airlines? Also, can they just cut the shit and give out the free pretezels everyone likes?

As one might have expected, notoriously customer-enraging airline Spirit Airlines is at the bottom of the barrel, according to a new graphic with airline stats by WalletHub. Alaska Airlines ranks at the top, and surprisingly Southwest Airlines is near the bottom. Although Southwest may have taken a blow in this department, it has the dignity of being WalletHub’s “Least Complained-About Airline.” That’s something, at least.

Graph results

Graph results

The methodology behind the statistics lies in a point system that allocates points based on the percentage of cancelled flights, delays, mishandled baggage and complaints. Each category is given a certain point value that is calculated after accruing relevant data from the airlines. Delays are perhaps the most fury inducing aspect of air travel, as such the max point score for delays is 20 points.

For more specific information on things such as Wi-Fi availability or the best airline for pets, you can examine Wallethub’s in-depth graphs and stats here.

If one thing is abundantly clear, it’s that Spirit and Frontier need to do some soul searching.