Apparently your heart won’t go on if you hear Celine Dion sing that song one more time.

According to Fortune, in an effort to boost the morale of Walmart’s 1.3 million employees, the company will begin having cash incentives, enact a looser dress code, and put an “end to the constant loop of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber music blasted into stores from headquarters.”

Instead, the company is bringing back Radio Walmart after 9 years, meaning an actual DJ will keep things fresh, rather than playing the same handful of CD’s over and over as many stores did, driving countless associates (and customers, too, probably) batty.

Hey Walmart, remember that time your employees were so unhappy with the way you treated them, that you decided to give them their own DJ in the hopes that they wouldn’t notice you still don’t let them take sick days? Yeah, us too.